As an artist, born and raised in a musical family and home, a passion for writing and singing since my earliest memories. Through both trials and blessings during this life, writing music has been my comfort and my hiding place. 

I believe that music is a healer, an art-form, an expression of our depths. My goal as a lyricist and musician, is to provide you and your beloved with an original & personalized masterpiece, that has been built around your story, capturing and reflecting the most cherished aspects of your relationship, infused with an artistic flare.   

My vision is to create something uniquely yours, your very own personal romance woven into melody. Long-term, the aim is that your song will become your anthem of unity, and serve as a reminder of the day passionate ‘I do’s’ were exchanged, and your musical love story presented to the world for the very first time. It will remain timeless, recalling again and again through serenade, how your one of a kind love came to be.